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The phone rang. “It’s over,” she cried. The journey had come to an end … or was it only just the beginning?

Have you ever wrestled with anything in life? Luke Brendling’s life changed in a split second when doctors could not detect a heartbeat just days before the expected arrival of his first child. In the months following his daughter’s stillborn birth and his wife’s multiple miscarriages, Luke was thrust into a wrestle with God he had no idea how to navigate. Desperately disappointed with God, he had some big questions but very few answers.

We all wrestle with things in life—God, ourselves, circumstances, tragedies, the past, the future. The list can go on and on. No wrestle is easy, but letting go of God and giving up can’t be an option. Discover and renew your hope as you learn the hidden value of the battle you find yourself in through The Wrestle Is Worth It. Let the words on these pages encourage and nourish your wounded heart and challenge and change your perspective. Pushing through the pain is uncomfortable but necessary if you are to move forward again and experience the reward of what is waiting for you on the other side of your struggle.


"This book gives you hope to face the toughest of life’s challenges. It will leave you, strengthened, encouraged, full of hope, full of faith, and most of all, growing in your love and relationship with Jesus Christ."

Lee Burns, Executive Vice President, Hillsong College


"This book is vulnerable and poignant yet filled with immense hope for healing and the future… it will help people to walk through great pain as well as giving vision and hope for tomorrow. Be ready for a deep dive!"

Eric Johnson, Senior Pastor, Bethel Church

To listen to Luke’s interview on Premier Christian radio with Maria Rodrigues about his book, The Wrestle Is Worth It, click here.


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