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An experienced and multi skilled team that works to serve Luke Brendling Ministries to ensure accountability, integrity, accomplishing its goals and objectives.

Each board member comes from a different background, thereby bringing a wealth of experience and wisdom to the ministry. 



Andrew Cherrie

Born and raised in England, Andrew has spent the past 20 years pastoring and leading in church with his most recent years pioneering a new church in St Albans just outside London called HOME Church.

He is a passionate communicator and believes everyone has the potential to impact their world.

Most of all he is committed to raising up leaders to succeed in every sphere of life.




Daniel Prideaux

Daniel lives in South London with his wife Johanna and newly born daughter Noa. He currently leads the Insights and Analytics Centre of Excellence at Barclays Bank and has a passion for visualising and simplifying complex data in order to gain insight.

Although he has a demanding job in the city, He has a passion for ministry and has been a part of Hillsong Church London for over 10 years.

During this time he has lead the small groups ministry across London as well as being service pastor whilst juggling his day job.

Daniel believes that the UK has a rich Christian heritage which has yet to see the full fruits of past labour. He desires to see a generation rising up that will worship in Spirit and Truth, and will be a leading light to the Nation through healthy and alive families and community.

Jack Elledge

Jack has served in full-time ministry for over 31 years with the first 15 years of that time focused on the youth of the United States.

In 2002 Jack became the “Travelling Pastor” for Joyce Meyer Ministries where he acted as Joyce’s ministry support in handling everything from counselling to performing the Alter Calls at the close of Joyce’s teachings.

After 3 ½ years on the JMM Travel Team Jack was appointed to the position of UK Director for Joyce Meyer Ministries based in Windsor, England.

Jack and his family made the move  from St Louis Missouri to Windsor England and have lived in the UK for over 11 years. Since that time he has travelled throughout the UK, Europe and Africa sharing the good news of the gospel and seeing lives changed through the love of Christ.

Jack and his wife, Tonya has been happily married for 31 years and have 3 adopted children (Taylor 21, Tyson 18, and Jadyn 16).




Mark Upfield

Mark's heart is for family. 

He has been married to his Aussie wife Karen for 25 years and has three adult children. All have been part of Hillsong church for the past five years. 

He is a self employed builder and loves repairing and rebuilding and applies this same principle to building the kingdom.

Mark's is passionate about helping people feel a part of God's family. His whole family are often found hosting church events at their home in Sussex 

He is following in the faithful footsteps of his father, who pastored a local church for over 25 years